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Monothematic Issue


The editorial board of the Lifelong Learning journal is announcing that the 2nd issue in 2018  is being prepared as monothematic. We welcome your contributions related to the topic:  

Quality in education

Quality in education is a topic which has been more and more addressed in the recent years. It does not only concern the outputs of education. The phenomenon also includes the aspects of management of primary schools, secondary schools, universities and other educational institutions, providing of the conditions for teaching and learning and necessary educational technology with all the essential components. Models of quality in education include both the level of relevant target categories and level of their appropriate fulfilment through the educational content and its transmission to the relevant recipients. Recent studies on this issue include new approaches to designing relevant processes of didactic content transformation and its transmission in the corresponding sequences in the quality framework. In this context, the concept of trans-disciplinary didactics is discussed as a certain generalizing platform for sharing experiences and improving the quality of teaching across the disciplines. This new paradigm can become an inspiration not only for the conditions of professional and general education but also for the conditions of the teaching of all the disciplines and subjects.

 In this context there are many questions, some of them we would like to present to you:

  • How can management of educational institution influence the quality of education?
  • What do you consider to be the key to the quality of education within a given field of study or a subject?
  • How can the specifics of a given educational area and the resulting educational content influence the quality of education?
  • How can the didactic transformation of the curriculum contribute to the quality of education?
  • How do you imagine the role of the educated in the quality education?

The topics above represent selected areas on which the studies can focus. We particularly welcome empirical studies that provide generalizable research findings. However, the theoretical and review studies and information on the project activities, conferences, workshops and other events are also welcome. If you decide to contribute to this issue, please inform the editorial board by sending a short abstract (e-mail: The deadline for the full texts is the 30th April 2018 and the articles should meet the requirements mentioned in the Guidelines for the authors.


The final publication of the texts depends on the results of the review process and the decision of the editorial board. The issue is planned to be published on the 31st August 2018


We are looking forward to your papers.


doc. PhDr. Dana Linhartová, CSc.

Mgr. Pavel Pecina, Ph.D.

Editors of the monothematic issue


New deadlines for acceptance of the manuscript for no. 1/2018 and 2/2018


Dear authors and readers,

we would like to draw your attention to the fact that we have set new deadlines for the acceptance of manuscripts in Journal of Lifelong Learning. The reason for moving these terms is the staff changes in the Executive Office of our journal and the delay in the issue of this year's numbers 2 and 3 for which we would like to apologize to you. The new deadline dates are for the first two figures of the year 2018. You can send your manuscripts to the number 1/2018 until January 31, 2018. The number 2/2018 is planned as monothematic. The theme of the monothematic number will be published in December this year. The editorial staff will receive the manuscripts by April 30, 2018. The publication of issue 1/2018 will be slightly shifted, but other numbers will already be published according to the original timetable (more on the Deadline page).

Many thanks to you for your interest in Lifelong Learning journal. We look forward to your manuscripts.


Executive Editor of Lifelong Learning

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