Lifelong Learn. 2023, 13, 83-101

Influence of Health Condition in Old Age on Educational Activities of Seniors

Kateřina Krupková, Václav Bělík, Michaela Jetmarová

University of Hradec Králové, Faculty of Education, Institute of Social Studies, Hradecká 1227/4, 500 11 Hradec Králové, Czech republic

Received June 21, 2023
Accepted November 20, 2023

This article reveals the impact of old age on senior education. It focuses on effects connected with old age influencing not only the educational process. Neither the health condition nor the mental condition should be omitted. This text also describes themes such as memory training, motivation of seniors to study, active ageing, and specifics of senior education. The aim of the article is to highlight the possible influence of the state of health in old age on the educational activities of seniors. The data used for this article had been collected within the survey that lasted three years, and the whole research project was called ‘Educational Aspirations of Seniors’. The data collection method was used and 136 respondents between 62 and 86 years of age attending courses at the University of the Third Age in Hradec Králové participated.


This article was written as a contribution to a three-year specific project no. 2102/1260/1210 called ‘Educational Aspirations of Seniors’.


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