Lifelong Learn. 2023, 13, 153-171

Teacher Training for the Education of the Incarcerated in Slovakia and Abroad

Marek Lukáč1, Silvia Lukáčová2

1Prešovská univerzita v Prešove, Centrum jazykov a kultúr národnostných menšín, Ústav rómskych štúdií, 17. novembra 1, 080 01 Prešov, Slovenská republika
2Prešovská univerzita v Prešove, Fakulta humanitných a prírodných vied, Ústav pedagogiky, andragogiky a psychológie, 17. novembra 1, 080 01 Prešov, Slovenská republika

Received October 26, 2022
Accepted October 11, 2023

The paper focuses on the competencies of prison teachers and the issues involved in their training for teaching adults as well as teaching in a prison environment. It tries to answer the question of what a teacher involved in the formal education of incarcerated adults should be like, whether they should be trained before the process of education, and whether the system of further professional education gives them the opportunity to develop their competencies for teaching in prison. The current practice in the undergraduate training of teachers and their further professional education does not reflect the specifics of the formal education of the incarcerated. At the same time, models for training prison teachers have existed abroad for a long time, and research reveals that the teachers themselves feel the need for specific training to teach in this specific environment.


This paper is the outcome of the project APVV-18-0018 Teaching at Second Chance Schools from the Perspective of a Teacher and Adult Learner financed by the resources of the Ministry of Education, Science, Research, and Sport of the Slovak Republic.


45 live references