Lifelong Learn. 2019, 9, 20-44

School Environment as a Determinant of Organizational Learning Support

Valentína Šuťáková1, Janka Ferencová2, Martina Kosturková1

1Prešovská univerzita, Fakulta humanitných a prírodných vied, Ul. 17. novembra 1, 081 16 Prešov, Slovakia
2Univerzita Pavla Jozefa Šafárika, Filozofická fakulta, Moyzesova 9, 040 01 Košice, Slovakia

Received December 7, 2018
Accepted April 5, 2019

Organizational learning as a strategic tool for organizational change and stabilization of success has been discussed in a school environment since the 1990s. Its importance is increasing in the context of dynamic development of the society and the need to flexibly adapt to constant changes. Organizational learning research focuses on analyzing factors that are important to organizational learning and adaptability. The study aim was to examine a school environment as a determinant of organizational learning support. We chose a design of qualitative research, in which a group interview with 32 teachers from four schools was carried out. Based on the interviews we specified five categories of organizational learning support – psychological safety, open communication, cooperation, openness to new ideas, engagement and participation. Through an analysis of participants‘ responses, we identified the most significant barriers to organizational learning in the environment of selected schools. Their recognition has made it possible to formulate recommendations related to school management and to the promotion of organizational learning at schools.


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