Lifelong Learn. 2020, 10, 231-249

E-Learning as an Opportunity for Education of Generation Y and Generation Z: Its Potential and Limits

Markéta Šnýdrová, Gabriela Ježková Petrů

Vysoká škola ekonomie a managementu, katedra lidských zdrojů, Nárožní 150, Praha 5, Česká republika

Received September 12, 2019
Accepted May 15, 2020

Currently, the significance of digital technologies is growing; they are becoming a normal part of human life. Their importance grows mainly in the context of other generations entering schools or the labour market. They are members of Generation Y and mainly Generation Z, whose life is already fully linked to virtual reality, social networks and information technology. E-Learning and its various modifications are one of the applied forms of education. This paper aims to describe the potential, but also the limits of education in the form of e-learning in the context of the development of the society, technological and content requirements on the educational activities as perceived by generation Y and generation Z. Content analysis of scientific resources and researches was the starting point for our work. The paper describes e-learning, its positive and negative aspects and contrasts them with the characteristics of the generations Y and Z. It can be concluded that e-learning has its application in school, extra‑curricular as well as lifelong learning.


71 live references