Lifelong Learn. 2020, 10, 25-55

Collaboration Development of Teachers and Teaching Assistants – Action Research

Bohdana Richterová, Hana Kubíčková

Ostravská univerzita, Pedagogická fakulta, katedra sociální pedagogiky, Fráni Šrámka 3, 709 00 Ostrava, Česká republika

Received October 4, 2019
Accepted April 2, 2020

The paper reflects one of the topics of the participatory action research cycles, which was run within one-year cooperation of twelve educators of the elementary schools in Ostrava and two academic workers of Ostrava University. The topic of defining the competencies of teaching assistants in cooperation with teachers gradually narrowed to communication strategies in the context of building personal boundaries. The paper presents a methodological approach based on practical (interpretative) approach. The key method of the data collection was working in a focus group, whose meetings were video recorded, enriched with observations in lessons and writing action research journals. Data analysis was carried out using open coding. The primary limits and possibilities of mutual interaction and cooperation in the educational environment were identified through this analysis. The paper presents one selected case from educational practice in detail and describes work in single action research phases and cycles. The main benefits for the participants are creating a safe environment for sharing problem situations from the practice, source identification and coping strategies in the communication field as well as the development of self-reflection and healthy assertion.


36 live references