Lifelong Learn. 2021, 11, 147-171

Didactics in Vocational Education in the Czech Republic – Current Situation and Perspectives

Pavel Pecina, Peter Marinič

Masarykova univerzita, Pedagogická fakulta, Katedra fyziky, chemie a odborného vzdělávání, Poříčí 623/7, 603 00 Brno, Česká republika

Received February 12, 2020
Accepted June 21, 2021

This review study focuses on the current state and development of didactics in vocational education in the Czech Republic. The study aims to evaluate the current state of didactics of vocational subjects and didactics of practical training at secondary schools in the Czech Republic with an overlap with Slovakia. Furthermore, to indicate further possible development of this broader discipline didactics. In the first part, we defined the discourse of the problem. The second part is devoted to the analysis of the progress of individual groups of subject didactics in vocational education. The third part is focused on possible perspectives of the development of relevant didactics.

Errata to this article were published in: Lifelong Learning - celoživotní vzdělávání, 11 (3): 275–275.


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