Lifelong Learn. 2014, 4, 42-57

Reflection and Self-reflection Regarding Competencies: Comparative View of University Teachers and Their Students

Kateřina Tomšíková, Lucie Smékalová, Milan Slavík

Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze, Institut vzdělávání a poradenství, V Lázních 3, 159 00 Praha, Czech Republic

Received October 11, 2014
Accepted December 4, 2014

In connection with the global trend, the dominant feature of the reforms in the education system moves towards the professional development of teachers. The article deals with competencies of a university teacher, which the teacher acquires and develops throughout his/her career. Competencies are necessary for qualified and professional performance. The significant part of the paper is devoted to the competency which exceeds all the others, the self-reflective competence. The authors of the article describe evaluation process at the Czech University of Life Sciences. Within this process opinions of students and teachers of the teaching process and implementation of the university teachers' key competencies are analysed. The aim of the enquiry was to find whether teachers prove competence as an excellent capability, eventually which of them are difficult to implement. From the results it is evident that the teachers evaluated themselves in all items above average. By highest rate they evaluated managing of the chosen parts of general educational competence, educational and psycho didactic competence, social, psychosocial and communicative competence. Based on the comparison with students, teachers have a tendency to overestimate themselves. That implies that it is necessary to lead some of the university teachers to understand the importance of self-reflection and to use efficient self-reflection methods.